405lb Deadlift For Reps (a lot of reps) - Strength In The Making EP. 3

405lb Deadlift For Reps (a lot of reps) - Strength In The Making EP. 3


I remember when deadlifting 315lb felt imposible....

Deadlifting 405lb now is just a step in the right direction to 500lb, 600lb, 700lb, ext. 

During these past weeks of training. I have been doing a lot of paused deadlifts to create time under tension, which has helped tremendously in getting my deadlift up. Combine paused deadlifts with rack pulls and you have a combination for some gains! 



This video is was made across multiple training sessions. Playing around with the sling shot is super fun and I was astonished when I was able to move 315lb so easily. Overall so amazing training sessions leading up to the competition in June!


Stay strong and don't forget to RAISE YOUR STANDARD.


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