What Are Wrist Wraps For?

What Are Wrist Wraps For?


What the f*ck are wrist wraps for and why should I use them... 

A wrist wrap is a piece of sturdy material that wraps around your wrist multiple times to provide support, warmth, and make you look like a badass.

A power belt for your arm.

When it comes to using strength gear while lifting, it is critical to remember it is there as a support, not a crutch. It's effortless to put a belt on to make a squat or deadlift easier. However, strength equipment is there to give you support when the weight gets heavy, not to lift the weight for you.  

Wrist wraps provide excellent support to your wrists which in turn lets you get a few more reps, keeps your joints healthy, increases your stability, and lets you lift heavier than normal due to the added support. When it comes to strength training, powerlifting, or strongman, we recommend using wrist wraps during the working/top sets of an exercise. Keep the wraps off during the warmup and back off sets. 

What wrist wraps are best for me?

There are so many wrist wraps on the market, which one does best for what activity? As a rule of thumb, the shorter the wrap, the more flexible it will be which is perfect for Olympic movements and movements that call for a flexed wrist such as handstands, muscle ups, or cleans. However, for powerlifting, strongman, and general strength training, a longer wrap will provide more support and stability. Which is ideal for heavy sets or max outs. 

16"-18" wraps are catered toward the flexible side of the spectrum. Whereas 20"-30" are catered toward the firm and sturdier side. Strength Standard's Blackout Wrist Wraps measure in at 20" which means you can loosen it to be more flexible or tighten it to provide ultimate stability. The only con to long wrist wraps is the amount of bulk it adds to your arm during lifting which can be overcome by getting a shorter but thick wrap.  

The good, the bad, and the gains.

Overall, wrist wraps will increase the stability of your wrist during intensive weight training, which makes it easier to execute more reps with heavier weight. Also, they will increase the longevity of your joints over time. Finally, with a pair of Blackout Wrist Wraps from Strength Standard, you will have the most badass looking wrist wraps in the entire gym.

Though, if wrist wraps are worn for every rep and every set, the forearm and wrist will become weak which will make it impossible to lift without wrist wraps in the future. Also, if wrist wraps are improperly wrapped, they will provide no benefit what so ever. Not to mention, if you leave a wrap on for an extended period, it will eventually cut off circulation to the hand which would have a detrimental impact on your fitness and lifestyle.

Ultimately, using wrist wraps exclusively for heavy weight lifts will help increase your strength because you will be able to perform more reps with heavier weight than you could without wrist wraps. Use them wisely and if you want to have the best-looking wraps around, make sure you check out the Blackout Wrist Wraps by Strength Standard. 

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